GUIDLERS can be used on all types of belt conveyers - flat, troughed, inclined, reversing, bucket, wire rope, and on those operating with stackers, trippers and slingers.

See Spacing & Selection page.


Attempts to control tracking using cylindrical guides fails because the belt quickly grooves the guide as it makes point contact.

When properly inclined at 30 degrees, the hyperbolic design of the Guidler provides a long line contact area of up to 4 inches

Installation is limited to outside the oven itself and to a maximum temperature of 350°. Special order Guidlers with a grease fitting and your high temperature grease can increase the maximum temperatures.


When high speed power transmission belts are moved laterally through the use of conventional flat shifters considerable belt edge abrasion and resultant friction is unavoidable. In addition, in many cases the shifter must also maintain continuous contact to prevent the belt's tendency toward riding toward the crown or high side of the cone. This type of wear soon degrades the belt to the point where replacement is necessary.

Instead of the 30 degree tilt, Guidlers are installed straight up on cone pulley drives.

For slow to moderate line speeds, use standard K Guidler.

For moderate line speeds/extended life, use a Type K Guidler balanced and regreasable.

Fully assembled internals are available to rebuild at half the cost of a new Guidler.



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