The Guidler®, a Guide Idler and Conveyor Belt Tracking Guide, was developed during World War II to assure reliable Belt Conveyor Tracking while handling ore, coal, cement, aggregate, salt, sugar etc.

Subsequent minor refinements over the past 70 plus years by the Knapp family has resulted in the Guidler's use world-wide by multiple industries. Improvements have only been incremental - proof that the original design was almost perfect in every respect.

The Guidler was awarded highest honors as the world's best Guide Idler and Conveyor Belt Tracking Guide at the International Inventors Exposition in Brussels, Belgium. It is in use on all six continents and recognized world-wide as the premier device of it's kind. It is available in non-corrosive materials on special order.

Attempts to control tracking with a conventional cylindrical guide idler or typical conveyor belt tracking guide are usually unsatisfactory because the lateral forces acting on the belt exceed the belt's resistance to curling as it makes point contact with the guide. Severe belt damage is the result.

When properly inclined 30° in direction of belt travel our Guide Idler and Conveyor Belt Tracking Guide provides:

  • Up to 4" of straight line contact to absorb lateral belt loads and eliminate edge curl.
  • Belt entrapment to prevent climb-over as is common when using cylindrical guides.
  • Axial movement of up to 5/8" to accommodate belt heave and oscillation.
  • Quality American manufacture assuring long life and zero maintenance.
Awarded highest honors as the world's best guide idler and conveyor belt tracking guide at The Inventor's International Exposition in Brussels, Belgium.
A conveyor belt tracking guide and guide idler of patented and proven hyperbolic design.

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